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Allis-Roller, LLC
Company Overview and History

Allis-Roller, LLC’s history dates back nearly 100 years when the original company, A. Lakin & Sons, began to salvage used car tires to reclaim the rubber material. In the 1930’s a method to cut rubber shapes from scrap tires was developed. These otherwise waste items were turned into useful parts for inclusion in manufactured products such as automobiles and agricultural machinery. With the ability to cut rubber from tires into desired shapes, TICOR© rollers (Lakin Corp, were developed in conjunction with International Harvester in the 1950’s to improve processing of hay.

A steel fabricating company which had been supplying the metal cores for the TICOR conditioner rollers was purchased in the 1960’s to support the ever increasing demand. With this purchase, manufacturing of steel rolls for balers and combines were combined with the existing rubber roller fabrication.

With a shift in the demand for agricultural rubber rollers, the company diversified in the 1980’s. This shift allowed focus on an existing metalworking base and expansion into machined components including the development of the Hypac hydraulic disconnect. Steel parts of varying complexity with tight tolerance features such as splines, broaching, and grinding operations commenced; all of which were previously only in a supporting role to the roller business.

In 2004, the assets of Lakin General’s Roller Division were purchased by an investment group and the new company, Allis-Roller, LLC, was moved from Chicago, IL to Franklin, WI.

Allis-Roller continues to look to new markets and opportunities, building on a long and diverse background in both the rubber and steel manufacturing marketplaces. We have been an innovative leader in design and development of new products for various industries and look forward to working directly with our customers to develop solutions for their fabrication requirements.

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